Kaleidoscopic Conquest: Mauritius - 1810 by Marina Carter, Mark Hall, V. Govinden, R. Ramasawmy and E. Richon. 217 pages £9.99 plus shipping.

The British conquest of the French controlled island of Mauritius in 1810 was an event of global significance.

Toorawa Trust

            Pink Pigeon Press and The Hassam Toorawa Trust are collaborating to bring into print new, neglected or hitherto unknown contributions to the culture, history and literature of the Mascarenes and associated islands in the southwest Indian Ocean. CULTURAL LEGACIES...


Unshackling Slaves: Liberation and Adaptation of Ex-Apprentices. By Doctor Marina Carter. £9.99 plus shipping.

The 1st April 1839 was a momentous date in Mauritian history. It was the day appointed for the freeing of "praedial apprentices", commonly known as field slaves. Freed slaves left the plantations to begin new lives, marking the beginning of a social and economic revolution which would see massive waves of indentured immigrants replace the former slaves in the expanding sugar sector of Mauritius.


Across the Kalapani: The Bihari Presence in Mauritius. £4.99 plus shipping. This book analyses the roots of Bihari migration from the 19th century to the present day and assesses the experiences of Biharis in Mauritius. Uniquely in the Bihari diaspora, in the multi-ethnic, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Republic of Mauritius, Biharis have become crucial power brokers. Since Independence in 1968, every Prime Minister of Mauritius [bar one, during a brief power-sharing experiment] has been not only Indian but of Bihari descent.

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