Flame Tree Lane

Flame Tree Lane by Dev Virahsawmy

Translated into English by Shawkat M. Toorawa.
167 Page Ebook.   Download Now for  £9.99

Dev Virahsawmy is a prolific Mauritian author who has also been active in politics, pedagogy and in promoting Mauritian Creole (Morisien).

His literary works include the award-winning play, Li, and Toufann, the acclaimed adaptation of The Tempest.

Lenpas Flanbwayan appears here in print for the first time, accompanied by a translation into English by Shawkat M. Toorawa.

Like much of Virahsawmy’s oeuvre, this novella engages with questions such as economic development, environmental stewardship, political will, and social justice and inequality.

The book opens with a Foreword by noted scholar Françoise Lionnet and closes with a bibliography of Virahsawmy’s literary works prepared by Toorawa.

From The Forward by Françoise Lionnet:

“Lenpas Flanbwayan is an ode to Mauritius, a memoir of local people and places, and a parable in defense of our fragile planet. Virahsawmy achieves all of this in a language that is as poetic as it is prophetic, and his intervention contributes to global debates about politics, history, geography and identity. Can literature help us reimagine the future in order to renew our commitment to justice and freedom, to promote change and to protect our habitat? The novella answers with a resounding “Yes” to this age-old question about the role of writers and artists in the public sphere of democracy.”
-Françoise Lionnet-

Flame Tree Lane by Dev Virahsawmy.
Translated into English by Shawkat M. Toorawa.
167 Page Ebook:  £9.99

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